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Love City Community Network (LCCN) was formed out of a volunteer effort in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma to address a glaring unmet need for electronic communications on St. John. Our founding members, full-time residents with IT and Network Engineering skills, came together with massive community support to build a wireless network that could deliver critical communications for emergency first responders, relief organizations, and other critical infrastructures like pharmacies, gas stations, and grocery stores.


In early April 2018, LCCN was formally recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to develop, deploy, operate, and maintain internet and other communication systems for the community of St. John sustainable through hurricanes and other natural disasters.

LCCN and its users value reliable, resilient, and affordable internet access for communities in St. John. Commercial services remain delayed and do not provide sufficient access for much of our service area. LCCN supports the ongoing recovery for hundreds of local businesses and residents. We are proud to employ local Virgin Islanders who lost their jobs after Hurricanes Irma and Maria as Field Technicians who install service in homes and businesses and support connectivity in the areas of the island that remain underserved or unserved by commercial providers.

Strategic planning and practical goals of providing effective service, responsive support, and friendly engagement in our communities has elevated our network into a carriergrade network system. LCCN is now positioned to scale up to a broader user base, support influx of tourism users, and supply the complex communications infrastructure needed by federal response partners. We are working to build the network as a model for disaster resilient communications using reasonably priced, rugged, and easily deployed gear as we scale the network and plan for a quick redeployment process by trained volunteers after the next storm.

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Photo by Anne Bequette of STJ Creative Photography, LCCN user and supporter

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