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Updated: Jul 20, 2018

April 16, 2018

Love City Community Network is pleased to announce our partnership with Viya to provide the residents of St. John, relying on our network, with high-speed Internet.

While evaluating several options to maintain critical connectivity to the Internet, Viya impressed us immediately with their approach of taking the time to understand our non-profit’s business needs, technical requirements, and budget. Ultimately our decision to choose Viya was a technical one. With our experience gained in the wake of the catastrophic damage caused by Irma and Maria, we needed to make sure that the partner we chose to serve our network had multiple upstream carrier relationships for redundancy. Viya’s network diversity means that issues affecting a single off-island carrier won’t adversely impact our network on St John, as they can quickly reroute our traffic in the event of a failure.

Viya was also ready to offer support for next-generation technologies like IPv6 and accommodate our complex technical requirements for BGP routing using LCCN’s IPv4 address space. BGP allows us to host critical infrastructure such as a DNS root server on St. John and also gives us the potential to reroute our network to a satellite in the event of another unprecedented loss of infrastructure.

With our long-term partnership with Viya secured, we can finally direct our focus to urgent tasks such as improving coverage to underserved parts of St John like Coral Bay and the East End, hardening our network, and testing new technology like our portable off-grid power systems.

LCCN thanks everyone at Viya who went the extra mile to put an agreement in place and activate our circuit in less than 24 hours after we finalized it. From their St. John lead field technician, Travis Rogers, who was responsible for the impressively fast fiber installation, to their expert network engineers who assisted us with provisioning and testing, and business leaders and executives who extended a very generous offer – it’s been an incredible show of support for our mission. LCCN was built from the ground up with the premise of people helping each other, so we’re proud to be working with the people that make up Viya. Our staff on St. John know that we’ll never have far to walk for support if we need it.

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