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May 16, 2018

Our work continues! We hope you find our first newsletter informative and invite you to reach out with any questions or feedback. Our staff will also be on-hand at the Hurricane Preparedness Fair in Franklin Powell Park this Friday and Saturday, and we hope to see you there.


As commercial restoration efforts continue, we turn our focus to Coral Bay. Thanks to the support of our generous donors and our hard working technicians and volunteers, we are happy to announce our newest distribution site atop Ajax Peak. This new site brings us to 16 major distribution points on island and reaches an enormous number of homes and businesses in Coral Bay that continue to have limited access to other offerings. Anyone with line of site to Ajax Peak can be connected as quickly as a week after dropping off their NanoBeam at our office above Connections in Cruz Bay. This new site also provides a redundant link to Coral Bay, greatly increasing our reliability and providing an additional option for emergency network redeployment.


Next up, we are working on a site for East End to provide service in that immediate area and also to reach across the bay to homes and businesses that are blocked from connecting to our current sites by ridgelines. Once this work is done, we will be able to place more of our limited resources toward filling smaller gaps in service and addressing network routing and radio frequency interference issues that have been causing intermittent quality issues for our users. Please continue to reach out to us at with details on any problems you are encountering with your LCCN connectivity.


Looking toward the future, our innovation team is hard at work on several offerings to ensure network availability in the event of another serious challenge for our communications infrastructure on St. John. We’re looking forward to the St. John Angels / St. John Community Foundation Preparedness Fair on Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th where we’ll showcase these exciting projects. Projects include a battery powered home hotspot to be seamlessly integrated with nanobeam deployments, a mobile hotspot prototype for neighborhood deployment by volunteers immediately following disaster, and we’ll also be unveiling the latest, greatest iteration of our Power Pod which will integrate an energy efficient cistern water pump.

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